WATT Display indicates (almost) empty status when battery is full

Follow the next steps to resolve:

Turn on display. Press the + and – buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds.

A line appears with tC – flashing n underneath.

Press the + and – again for 2 seconds.

Display shows VOL.

Now press M briefly.

Display shows a number and under the line VOL 1.

By pressing the + or – you change the number. (don’t hold back but tap).

Short press M.

Display shows number again and below the line VOL 2.

If necessary adjust again with + or – number.

Repeat until VOL 5.

If all 5 levels have been adjusted, confirm by long pressing M.

Press M again and you are back in the basic menu.

The correct values of voltage levels are:

VOL 1: 31.5
VOL 2: 33.5
VOL 3: 35.5
VOL 4: 37.5
VOL 5: 39.5

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