Throttle kit installation for the Coast Cycles Buzzraw

The Buzzraw E250 , E750 , X250 and X750 have the option to add a throttle kit. To install the throttle kit you need to follow a few steps but this is nothing that you need to be a skilled engineer for.

Instruction to connect the wires as follows:

Locate this wire from the controller. It is currently connected to the extension that runs to your display. Unplug the extension.

Plug the new 1 to 4 harness into the wire from the controller.

Align the two arrows before pushing the plugs together.

Locate this plug from the harness, this plug goes into the throttle. The green plug is for your display.

Line up the two arrows on the plug.

Push the plug firmly together.

You have now successfully installed a throttle kit on your Coast Cycles Buzzraw electric bike. Need more information ask them in the comments of this how-to article.

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