Raptor 2/2.1 FAQ

Can I limit the Raptor 2’s insane speed and acceleration?

You can indeed adjust the settings of the speed controller by using our Vesc-X Monitor performance app. This is only available on android at this stage.

My motors shift left and right

First off! Don’t worry, this is normal!

Our motors have ‘press fit’ bearings. This means that the bearings are pushed into place with a hydraulic press. This process is common in the manufacturing world to ensure precision and to allow the bearing to be useful for its lifetime.

All materials will wear out over time and that press fit of the bearing will eventually loosen up (ever so slightly) that looseness is what causes the bearings in the motor to come free from the press fit and allow them to move in the bearing seat.

All of this is to say, this isn’t a problem. The small amount of left to right motion is completely normal and is needed inside the motors for required manufacturing tolerance

My board’s range is lower then I expected

Do you feel like your board is getting less range then you would have hoped?

Due to the massive torque and high speed of the Raptor 2.1, the battery can feel like it is draining well below the advertised range. You do have to remember that there are a lot of factors that affect range like:

Average speed – Riding fast = fun and inefficient Riding slow = Still fun and much more eco friendly

Acceleration- Taking it easy with the acceleration will prove to get you riding many miles to come

Rider weight- We recommend a rider weight of 200lbs or under. We get that isn’t always the case, just expect some loss in range!

Type of terrain (grass, sand,pavement) – We all wish that the world was endless pavement, but we know thats not the case! Any surface that isn’t hard pavement, will drain your pack quicker

Slope % – Riding up and down massive hills will drain your battery much quicker! We recommend getting up those hills as quickly as possible to save on battery!

Outside temperature- (You will tend to get less range when its very cold outside!)

My wheels are worn down and nearly falling apart!

Unlike normal skate wheels, our wheels have to withstand extreme heat and massive torque. That means that they will wear out more quickly then other boards you may own. You should be expecting at least 200 miles out of each set of wheels before a replacement set is needed.

We are always developing and fine tuning out wheel formula to be able to handle the torque and heat that our motors produce.

If you want your wheels to last longer then you can follow these tips:

Ride in Slow mode

Lower the Max allowed motor temp to 120 C. You can do this by going to the Config tab and the Motor temp limits drop down.

Lowering the motor temp will reduce performance but it will also allow your wheels to last much longer.

My board is not turning on

Did you put your board away in working condition, pick it up a few days later and it won’t turn on?

This can happen for a number of reasons:

Your battery is dead- Charge it!

You board has a hardware failure, this could be due to water damage, excessive battery drain or a fault which we cover under warranty.

You should first try charging the board for a few hours to try to revive it.

If that does not work, you should open the enclosure and unplug the battery from the electronics as a safety measure.

My board is not charging

Is your Raptor not accepting charge anymore?

Some symptoms of this are as follows:
Charger is has no light when plugged into the wall
Charger stays green when plugged into the wall and the board

Possible problems:
If the charger is green and does not turn red when plugged into the wall and board, then the problem is the Etray in the board
If the charger is not showing any light at all, the charger is to blame.

My front hanger broke!

Did your board get run over by a car? Did your board eat a curb?

This is more common then most people think, especially when riding in a heavily populated city. The main thing is that YOU are alright.

My battery wont charge all the way to 100%

Does your board refuse to charge all of the way to 100%? Normally, the battery should charge fully to 100% and stay at that level when the charger is unplugged. At times, the board can stop accepting charge between 70-99%

A few things to check are as follows:

Is your charger green turning red when the board reaches its max charge?

If your charger is turning green (Even if it stops charging before it is full) We know that your charger is NOT the culprit!

Does your charger have any light at all?

The charger light should be green when not in use, and red when in use and charging!

Have you left the board to charge over night?

This can fix the problem most of the time as the battery needs time to balance!

How to adjust if Raptor 2.1 is not showing up to 49 KM/H speed in FOCBOX UI?

The included fast charger for the Raptor 2 will take the battery from 0-100% in around 2 hours!

How much weight can the Raptor 2 Handle?

Our Raptor 2 has been tested with a maximum payload of 100kg.

We also recently had a 120kg rider test this on one of our World Tours. The board handled his weight no problem, and he also stated it was one of the most comfortable rides he’d ever had! Please note, if you are more than the recommended weight of 100kg, you mustn’t stand in the centre of the board. You should always stand over the trucks to make sure that the board can accomodate the extra weight.

Raptor 2.1 Hardware

If you need replacement hardware, see the below hardware specifications

(4) Handle screws – M5X25mm 90 degree counter sunk

(4) Handle nuts – M5 nylock locknut

(8) Deck screws – SAE 10-24X45mm

(8) Deck nuts – SAE 10-24 nylock locknuts

(6) Deck enclosure screws – M5X35mm 90 degree counter sunk

(8) Battery enclosure screws – M4X12mm socket head

(10) Outwheel screws – M3X8mm Socket head

(2) Kingpin screw – (2) Kingpin nut https://www.muirskate.com/longboard/products/71135/muirskate-beasto-grade-8-kingpin-w-lock-nut

(4) Bushing washers – 9.9mm Hole x 28.5mm Diameter x 1.5mm Thick https://www.riptidesports.com/large-cup-washers/

(2) Axle nuts – SAE 5/16-24 nylock locknut

(3) Flat head E-tray mounting screws – M3x3x10

Brief Specification of Raptor 2.1

Battery Type: Li-ion 432 WH 36 Nominal Voltage (10s4p)
Drive Type: Dual Direct-Drive Hub Motor
Max Current: 80A Per Motor
Max Power: 8kW
Max Speed: up to 30mph
Max Incline: 30%
Motor Axle: 15mm Steel
Cooling: Liquid Cooling Pipes & Heat Sink Fins
Sensors: Hall & Thermal
ESC Type: FOCBOX Unity (Spec available on the website)

Top speed up to 49 km/h to 53 km/h
Range: Up to 30 miles
Charge Time: 2.5-3 hours
Remote Type: Enertion NANO-X
Wheel size available: 90 mm (Stock), 97 mm & 100 mm (Crossover)

How much does the Raptor 2 weigh?

Performance and endurance come at the cost of weight.
The Raptor 2 weighs in at a little over 10kg (22lbs). We don’t think you’ll be carrying it much though.

Can I bring the Raptor 2 on a plane?

Due to the ever-changing and ever-stricter regulations that airlines around the world have adopted as a result of recent and past incidents, we decided to design the battery without airline travel in mind. Currently, only batteries that are rated below 100Wh are able to be brought onto planes (although this may change at any time).

Specifically, this is what has enabled us to provide the Raptor 2 with a huge 432Wh battery that can give up to 40km of range on a single charge.

We are currently in the process of developing a solution for our Raptor 2 owners who want to take their board on holiday with them, so stay tuned! We can’t elaborate fully on this as it’s not in it’s final stages yet, but let’s just say it makes use of the modular features of the Raptor 2!

Rear Wheel Dimensions

Width: 8cm across (3.1 inches)

Height: 11.5cm diameter (4.5 inches)

Rear wheel base (outer edge to outer edge): 29cm (11.4″)

Is the Raptor 2.1 water-proof?

We’ve designed the Raptor 2 to be as water resistant as possible. Although, the latest Raptors are the most water resistant models we have offered. We still would not recommend riding in wet conditions.

There have been extreme cases where water has damaged components. This is likely due to boards which were not sealed properly or the seal shifting while riding. We would recommend you ride your board in dry conditions and use the water resistance as insurance in case you hit an accidental puddle!

How much torque does the Raptor 2 have?

Unfortunately, we do not have that information for you. However, we can tell you that the Raptor 2 is the most powerful direct drive electric skateboard on the market! In fact, we have such belief in this that we offer a 110% performance promise! – If the Raptor 2 leaves you unsatisfied with its insane performance, we will offer you a 110% refund on your purchase!!

The Raptor 2 high-capacity battery

Here’s an explanation from our founder about how the Raptor 2 battery is unique in the E-sk8 world.

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