Nano-X Remote FAQ

How do I know when the Nano-X is charged?

When charging, there will be a red LED that shows as solid. Once this goes out/turns off, your Nano-X is fully charged and ready to roll!

Does the Nano-X Receiver come with a cable to plug it into the VESC?

No, the Nano-X does not come with the servo wire, but these are very common and available in any good hobby shop should you need one.

Our FOCBOX motor controller comes with servo wires attached already, so you shouldn’t have any issues using a Nano-X and FOCBOX together!

Does the Nano-X come with the receiver?

Yes! The Nano-X comes with the receiver as part of the purchase!

How long does it take to charge up the Nano-X controller?

This depends on the type of USB outlet that you plug your Nano-X into.

It will generally take from under an hour up to 2 hours to fully charge your Nano-X.

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