My wheels are off center, wobbling or vibrating

The Problem
Mid to late last year, we made a major improvement with the formula of our R-SPEC Ghost wheels and outwheels. By all reports thus far, they have far superior durability and wear resistance from the previous generation of these wheels.

However, despite believing that wheel problems were behind us, a new problem has slowly emerged – some failure in the production process meant that a proportion of our wheels were not poured with exact concentricity. This meant that while some customers received wheels that they were more than happy with, others received ones that didn’t meet their expectations. Although we’ve made every effort to replace any and all wheels that have been reported as not perfectly concentric, we also haven’t completely understood the depth of this problem until now.

Following a meeting with our wheel factory at their world-class production facility last August, and an entire day of testing by the company’s engineers, it was deemed that the issue our wheels were experiencing were the result of a failure of the production line workers to follow the standard operating procedures to pour our wheels correctly.

Although AQL II testing had been the norm on these wheels, the wobble issue was not identified through this process. This type of statistical analysis generally works very well in identifying defects within a batch of products from a manufacturer, but somehow, it let a significant enough number of wobbly wheels through, with the result that some of our customers were affected.

As time has gone on, and more wheels have gone out, we’ve come to the realization that something major must be done to resolve this issue once and for all.

The Cause
The root cause of this issue is still not fully known, or at least has not been fully explained to us by our manufacturer. Regardless of this, we know that they have the capability to produce wheels that are perfectly concentric – not only do they also supply wheels to some of the largest electric skateboard companies out there, they have also made wheels for us before that did not exhibit these concentrically issues.

We can only surmise that once again, this massive manufacturer has prioritized their massive multinational clients, and left the little guy (that’s us) to fend for ourselves in trying to get this problem addressed once and for all for you, our dear customers.

The Solution
We need our factory to realize that we just cannot accept anything but a perfect wheel from them – because our customers certainly won’t, and nor should they. We re-test each and every one of these wheels to determine the wheels that meet our acceptance criteria, and can be sent to customers. We will also use the strictest AQL criteria possible moving forward, regarding any lack of concentricity to be a critical defect, so as to guarantee the ultimate quality of any wheels we produce in the future.

We appreciate this is a real pain for those customers who are waiting on wheels from us, but ultimately, we felt the need to do this to prevent the disappointment that some of our customers have been experiencing with their wheel purchases. Testing is expected to begin in the next week or two, so we look forward to sharing the results once we have them, and we hope to be able to begin wheel shipments once more before too long.

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to contact our to be able to put your place in line for a new set of wheels with our best formula yet. We are sure we won’t let you down!

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