My Boosted Boards makes a weird noice

The Boosted board has an unmistakable sound. When you hear those motors whir, you know what’s coming. That sound has turned many, many heads. It is completely normal for your skateboard to make a sound while riding. Motor sounds, road noise, and riding close to objects can enhance noise substantially as well. For the most part, motor noise will not affect the performance of your Boosted board. If you are hearing unfamiliar or irregular sounds, please try the following tips:

Check the bearings:

It is advisable to clean your bearings or replace them regularly. Especially if they have been exposed to water, sand, or excessive dirt and dust.

Check for squeaky trucks:

Check the health of your belts:

Check the teeth on your belts. If they appear furry, it may be time to swap them. Correct belt tension and clean, good belts can alter and reduce any noise.

Adjust belt tension:

Regular board checks:

Our service technicians are happy to review any noise you are concerned about. Please send a video of the noise you are hearing for our trained technicians to review.

You can always contact our service center for maintenance on your Boosted Board.

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