My board’s range is lower then I expected

Do you feel like your board is getting less range then you would have hoped?

Due to the massive torque and high speed of the Raptor 2.1, the battery can feel like it is draining well below the advertised range. You do have to remember that there are a lot of factors that affect range like:

Average speed – Riding fast = fun and inefficient   Riding slow =  Still fun and much more eco friendly

Acceleration- Taking it easy with the acceleration will prove to get you riding many miles to come

Rider weight- We recommend a rider weight of 200lbs or under. We get that isn’t always the case, just expect some loss in range!

Type of terrain (grass, sand,pavement) – We all wish that the world was endless pavement, but we know thats not the case! Any surface that isn’t hard pavement, will drain your pack quicker

Slope % – Riding up and down massive hills will drain your battery much quicker! We recommend getting up those hills as quickly as possible to save on battery!

Outside temperature-  (You will tend to get less range when its very cold outside!)

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