Maintenance for the Boosted Boards Remote

The remote battery life is equivalent to approximately 8 full board charges. Charging time is approximately 4 hours.

How to Check Your Remote Battery Life:

The remote battery indicator on all remotes will turn red when the remote needs to be charged. The light will turn green when the remote is fully charged.

Use the mini usb port on the bottom of the remote to charge it.

Remote Compatibility:

The 1st generation remote will not work with the 2nd generation board, Boosted Mini, Boosted Plus, and Boosted Stealth. We upgraded the Bluetooth radio to a higher power connection and added security features that are not compatible with the 1st generation board.

The 2nd generation remote works with the Boosted Mini S/X, Boosted Plus, and Boosted Stealth.

How the Remote Works:

To activate the motors, hold down the Engage Button. With the motors engaged, roll the throttle wheel forward for forward motion, slightly back for light braking, and all the way back to come to a quick stop and then move into reverse. Be sure to hold down the Engage Button at all times when riding or you’ll have a skateboard with no power or braking.

Watch a step-by-step video guide on remote tips

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