Is my electric scooter allowed in Germany?

Germany legalised electric scooters and other LEV’s back in 2019 but the German government added a lot of requirements to the vehicle to be allowed on the public road.

Your electric scooter or LEV need to accommodate the following pre-requisites

  • Steering and holding rod
  • Maximum 70 centimetres wide, 1.40 metres high and 2.00 metres long.
  • Permitted maximum weight: 55 kg (without rider)
  • Maximum design speed of at least six to at most 20 km/h
  • Power limitation to 500 watts (1,400 watts for self-balancing vehicles)
  • Compliance with “driving dynamics” minimum requirements
  • 3rd party liability insurance

Next to the above requirements the electric vehicles must be roadworthy, be able to brake, be controllable and have a lighting system.

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