How to Install a Boosted Boards Battery Pack

  1. To connect your new battery pack you will need to screw together the two metal wire connectors – one from the battery pack, the other from the board. Take care to line up the leads correctly using the notch in the connector as a guide. Reconnect the two connector ends, making sure to push the two sides together securely. Next, hand-tighten the metal connectors as securely as possible.
  2. Place the two plastic connector tools on either side of the metal connectors, making sure to fit the metal connector snugly into the curve of the tools. The ridge on the inside of the tools should sit along the outside of the metal rings, and the flat sides of the tools with the Boosted logos should be facing each other. Now, squeeze the handles together and rotate the tools in opposite directions, tightening until the connector is very snug. This could take a few rotations.
  3. If present, reattach the battery connector clip. Place the battery pack back onto the board. Be sure to tuck the wire into the deck channel. Make sure the wire sits next to, not on top of, the accessory wire inside the channel.
  4. Reset the 2 wing plates and 6 battery pack screws using the 4mm hex key. Check that the battery sits flat against the deck before tightening all the screws to ensure that the pack is not pinching any wires underneath it. To reattach, start with the middle screw on each side first to keep the battery from tilting to one side.
  5. Power the board back on. If the battery pack is properly connected, the power button will show a GREEN LED indicator. If the battery pack is not properly connected, the power button will show a YELLOW LED indicator. If you need to update the board’s software, the power button will show a flashing WHITE LED indicator.

Due to shipping regulations, all extended range battery packs ship with only 30% battery life. Make sure to charge yours before you ride using the charger that shipped with your standard range board. This will take approximately 90 minutes. Your battery pack LEDs, as well as the battery charge indicator on your Boosted app, may initially show more than 30% charge, however, those indicator levels will be more accurate once you fully charge your battery pack.

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Was this article helpful?

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