Headlight Replacement for Boosted Rev

Tools you will need:

3mm Allen wrench

2.5mm Allen wrench


 1. Separate the headlight lamp from the bracket by removing the mounting bolt using a 3mm Allen wrench. The nut on the other side of the mount may also come out at this step. Set the nut and bolt aside. Take care not to lose the lock washers when removing the lamp.


2. Find the wire connector by following the headlight wire to the wide, reinforced section. Pull the two halves of the connector straight apart without twisting, making sure to hold the reinforced connector rather than the cable itself. 


3. If you are only replacing the lamp portion of your headlight, skip down to step six. If you are replacing both the lamp and the bracket, continue reading.

4. Remove the two screws on the headlight bracket using a 2.5mm Allen wrench, and remove the bracket 


5. Install your new bracket using the same 2.5mm Allen wrench


6. Connect the wire of your new headlight lamp by first feeding it under the arch-shaped connector holder on the bracket, and then connecting it to the wire on the Boosted Rev. When reconnecting the two wires, make sure that the arrows on the sides of the connectors are pointing toward each other before pushing them together.


7. Finesse the wire connection into the arch-shaped connector holder. 


8. Now reconnect the lamp to the bracket with the same nut and bolt from earlier. First, ensure that the lock washers are fully seated in the tab on the base of the lamp. Next, slide the nut into the hexagonal slot on one side of the mount. Insert the tab on the base of the lamp between the two tabs on the mount, making sure that all of the holes line up. Now install the mounting bolt using the 3mm Allen wrench from earlier.




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