Handlebar Assembly Replacement for Boosted Rev

Tools you will need:

  • 5mm hex keyHandlebar_Assy.jpg

  1. First, you will need to disconnect the brake cable from the handbrake.
    1. If the barrel adjuster on the hand brake is extended, you can retract it in two steps. First, thread the locking nut all the way against the end of the barrel adjuster away from the hand brake. Then screw the entire unit back towards the hand brake.image5.jpg
    2. Once the barrel adjuster is almost all the way against the hand brake, line up the slots on the barrel adjuster, locking nut, and hand brake.image11.jpg
    3. When the slots are lined up, you should be able to pull the brake cable through the slots. Pull the brake cable housing away from the hand brake, then thread the cable through the slots. If you are unable to pull the cable housing out of the barrel adjuster, you can loosen the cable pinch bolt on the brake caliper and loosen the brake cable.image8.jpgimage9.jpgimage6.jpg
    4. Squeeze the hand brake to reveal where the brake cable is attached. The end of the brake cable can sometimes rotate in its holder making it difficult to remove. Rotate it so that the flat side is facing up, and push straight upwards.image1.jpgimage14.jpg
  2. Loosen the hex bolt at the top of the steering tube using a 5mm hex key. You do not need to fully remove the screw, but loosen it until the stem can twist in the steering tube.image15.jpg
  3. Twist the entire handlebar assembly 90┬░ and lift up to remove it from the steering tube. The wire connecting the handlebar assembly is coiled inside the steering tube, so it is fine to pull it gently, though there may continue to be tension on the wire.image10.jpgimage17.jpg
  4. You will see a connection point where the wire from the handlebar assembly connects to the wire inside of the steering tube. Pull straight apart to disconnect the wires.image7.jpg
  5. Using your new handlebar assembly, connect the wire by lining up the arrows on both halves of the connection, and press together.image4.jpg
  6. Slide the handlebar assembly onto the steering tube at a 90┬░ angle, then turn it to face forward.image16.jpg
  7. Align the handlebar by pressing down on the rear fender and inserting the handlebar until it locks in place.image12.jpg
  8. While firmly pressing on the steering tube, tighten the hex bolt with a 5mm hex key.image19.jpg
  9. Now, reattach the brake cable.
    1. Squeeze the hand brake, and insert the end of the brake cable into its holder.image1.jpg
    2. Thread the brake cable through the slots in the hand brake assembly, locking nut, and barrel adjuster.image2.jpg
    3. Pull the cable housing and reinsert it into the end of the barrel adjuster.image18.jpg
    4. If you loosened the tension on the brake cable at the beginning by loosening the cable pinch bolt on the brake caliper, retention your brake by pulling the cable through and tightening the pinch bolt to hold it in place.image20.jpgimage6.jpg
    5. Readjust the barrel adjuster to fine-tune the tension of your brakes. The further away from the hand brake, the more tension will be on the brakes. Once the brakes are adjusted to your liking, turn the locking nut until it rests against the hand brake to hold everything in place.image3.jpg

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