Grips Replacement for Boosted Rev

Tools you will need:

  • 2.5mm hex keyGrips.jpg
  1. Begin by loosening the clamp rings. Undo the screw in each ring by one or two full turns using a 2.5mm hex key until the grip can freely spin on the handlebars. If you are replacing the left grip, the clamp rings will be located on both ends of your grip. If you are replacing the right grip, there will only be one clamp ring towards the outside of the handlebars, and it will not be able to completely spin on the handlebars due to alignment tabs on one side. You will know that the clamp ring on the right-hand grip is loose when the grip can move on the handlebar.image1.jpgimage2.jpgimage7.jpg
  2. Your grip should now be able to slide off of the handlebar, and the end cap will also slide out with it. It may take a little effort to pop out the end cap.image5.jpg
  3. Take your new grip and slide it onto the handlebar. Line up the screws in the clamp rings with the screws on the throttle mount, or, on the left side, make sure the screws are on the front of the handlebars. If you are working on the right-hand grip, there will be two alignment tabs on one end which may require you to rotate the grip slightly so that it can be fully pushed onto the handlebar.image6.jpg
  4. Press the end cap into place.image8.jpg
  5. Tighten the two screws on the clamp rings until the grip can no longer spin on the handlebar.image9.jpgimage3.jpgimage4.jpg

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