Boosted Rev Front Fender Replacement

Tools you will need:

  • 21mm open-end wrench
  • 3mm hex keyFront_Fender.jpg
  1. On the left-hand side of the scooter, you will find a plastic cap protecting the motor cable. In order to remove a wheel, you will need to first remove this cap using a 3mm hex key.image10.jpgimage3.jpg
  2. Remove the wheel from the fork by loosening the axle nuts on both sides with a 21mm open-end wrench or 8-10” adjustable crescent wrench. Do not fully remove the nuts.image11.jpgimage8.jpg
  3. While supporting the wheel, slide the two washers away from the fork. The wheel should now slide down, out of the fork. Lay the wheel assembly out of the way.image7.jpgimage6.jpg
  4. Optional: you may find it easier to work on the front fender if you turn Boosted Rev on its side.
  5. Loosen the screw underneath the fork using a 3mm hex key. This screw was installed with loctite, so this may be difficult.image4.jpg
  6. Remove the front fender, and install the new fender making sure the notches in the fender line up with the ridges on the scooter.image5.jpgimage9.jpg
  7. Use the 3mm hex key to replace the screw from earlier. Tighten until very snug.image4.jpg
  8. Insert your wheel into the fork.  Make sure the flat edges of the axle line up with the slot in the fork. The slot with the motor cable should face upward. Separate the washers on either side of the wheel, and begin sliding the wheel into the fork. Make sure, on each side of the wheel, that one washer goes on the inside of the fork, and the other stays on the outside. image1.jpgimage7.jpg
  9. Once the wheel is completely seated in the fork, slide the outside washers into the indentation on the fork in order to lock the wheel in place.image12.jpg
  10. Now tighten the nuts on both sides of the Axel using your 21mm open-end wrench. Make these as tight as possible.image2.jpgimage8.jpg

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