Analog Motion Storage of your AM1

Risk of injury from damaged battery

  • Do not drop or mishandle the battery.
  • If the battery is leaking or damaged move to a well ventilated area.

If you are planning not to use your AM1 for a long period, the following points should be noted before storage to prevent damage to your AM1 or degradation of your AM1 battery:

  • Charge the battery to 60-80% of its capacity;
  • Remove the battery from your AM1 before you store it;
  • Do not leave the battery in an area where children and animals can reach it;
  • Protect your AM1 battery from liquids;
  • Store between the temperatures listed in the battery safety section. Ideally around 15°C;
  • Make sure that the battery is not exposed to temperatures listed in the battery safety section during storage;
  • If you plan to store the battery for over 3 months, make sure the battery is charged at least every 3-6 months. Again you should charge the battery to between 60-80% when recharging;
  • Do not leave the battery plugged into the charger for long periods when the battery is fully charged;
  • Make sure the charger is unplugged from the mains outlet when you have finished charging the battery up to 60-80%;
  • Make sure the battery terminals on the base are protected from short circuit. Use some insulating tape to cover the terminals if you are unsure;

To store the AM1 itself:

  • Ensure your AM1 is clean as per the cleaning page;
  • Protect your AM1 from all environmental conditions: rain, snow, frost, dust and dirt during storage;
  • Make sure it is insulated from major fluctuations in temperature;
  • To keep the tyres in good condition, suspend your AM1 by hanging it from its frame;

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