Analog Motion Function and Range

Function of your AM1

The electric assist on your AM1 will only kick in when you are pedalling or if you use the throttle to get you up to speed. The throttle is designed to help you get the bike started after you have stopped (for example at traffic lights). The amount of help you get from your AM1 is dictated by your speed and the level of effort you are putting in.

The AM1 assist will help you up to a top speed of 25km/h (15.5mph). The start throttle will take you to a maximum of 6km/h (4mph). Any faster than this is not suitable for use on public roads.
AM1 Range and how to maximise it

The range of your AM1 can be up to 32 km or 20 miles. The range will be affected by a number of rider conditions, weather conditions and a host of potential other factors. In general the more assist you are getting from your AM1 the lower the range. To get the most out of each charge of your AM1 battery, note the following points:


  • Uphill sections on your route will affect the range significantly
  • Many starts and stops will also affect the range. Your AM1 uses the most energy to get you up to speed.
  • Avoid uneven or rough roads; well surfaced smooth roads will maximise the range of your AM1.
  • A route into a headwind will also reduce the range owing to the extra energy required to help you to reach the maximum speed.



  • A cadence, or pedalling rate, of 55-85 crank revolutions/minute allows the motor to work most effectively and efficiently.
  • Pedal as hard as possible at all times.
  • The higher you have the assist on your AM1 the lower the range.
  • Avoid unnecessary loads when possible
  • Higher total weight (luggage + AM1 + rider) will reduce range.


Maintenance/Environmental Conditions

  • A new and fully charged battery will give you the best range.
  • Regularly check your tyre pressures. A very low tyre pressure will decrease range.
  • Clean and maintain your AM1 regularly to ensure all bearings and chains are free moving and there is no extra friction in the system.
  • Higher average speeds will reduce the range.
  • Keep your battery at room temperature before a ride for optimum battery operating conditions.
  • Refer to battery notes about correct storage
  • The battery should not be inserted into your AM1 until just before you set off.
  • Outdoor temperatures of below 10°C/50°F and above +40°C/104°F can significantly reduce the range.
  • Temperature ranges outside the ones mentioned above can rapidly degrade the battery or even permanently damage it.

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