Analog Motion Connecting the controls installation Instruction


There are four wires that need to be connected on your AM1. There are three different colours of connector. The two red connectors are your brake sensors. The green connector is for your AM1 screen and the orange connector is for the throttle. The three different connectors also have different pin arrangements, to help make sure the correct connectors are matched up.


The wire with the connectors is fed through the frame to the battery holder. Before beginning to connect the wire connectors ensure there is no slack wire near the bottom bracket, where the pedals are.


Match up the colours and pin arrangements before connecting the wires.


On the side of each connector an arrow has been moulded into the plastic. These arrows must be pointing at each other for the connector to engage properly. If you try to push these connectors together without the arrows pointing at each other there is the potential to damage the pins inside the connect so be very careful when connecting the pins.


Once you have fully connected the wire, there will be no gap and no colour visible from the outside. Continue to connect all four of the wires.

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