Analog Motion Checks before every AM1 ride

1. Axle nuts and bolts – Check over all nuts and bolts on your AM1 before you ride. Pay careful attention to the nuts holding the wheels in position. Are they tight?

2. Tyres and wheels – Check your tyres for the correct pressure. The minimum and maximum pressure in Bar and PSI are printed on the tyre sidewall. The correct tyre pressure will help you to avoid punctures and allow you to have a more stable and efficient ride than under-inflated tyres.

3. Brake test – While you are standing with your AM1 pull both brake levers firmly. The levers should not touch the handlebars and should only move a small distance before the brakes are engaged. If you have any concerns contact our service team at

4. Essentials – Before you ride make sure you take a spare inner tube, the Hex keys from your AM1 tool kit, a tyre repair kit, and a small pump. These will all help you in the event of a puncture or any other minor maintenance issue.

5. Stay secure – If you plan to leave your AM1 somewhere public, make sure to take at least one D-lock with you (ideally two), to protect your bike from theft. Your local bike shop will be able to give you advice on which products are best. Thread the lock through your AM1 frame and wheels and onto an immovable object. Whenever you leave your AM1 in a public area make sure to remove the battery and take this with you. Some advice about securely locking up your AM1 is available on the transport for London website 

6. Be seen! – If you are heading out in the evening, it may be dark before you return. If it is dark then make sure you have the relevant lights and reflective equipment. Check your local laws for more details on what is required.

7. Lastly, before you begin your ride, lift both of the wheels off the ground and bounce the tyres to check they are inflated. Check if you hear any rattling noises and see where they are. You may need to tighten some bolts or screws.

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