All Zero e-scooter fault error codes

If your Zero electric scooter has a malfunction, it will display an error code on the location where you normally will find your ODO information. It will also show a red alarm icon. See the list below to read what each error number means. 0 Normal status 1 Potential meter […]

Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter Fault Codes

If you use the App – it’s simple, it just gives you the error codes as a number number. If you’re listeinging to the beeps, think of the long beep as the first number and the short beep as the second number – so two long beeps and four short […]

Boosted Rev wont charge to 100%

If your Boosted Rev does not charge to 100% but halts at a certain percentage like 70% it might have a BMS issue and/or cell imbalance. The BMS is preventing full charge because there is cell imbalance. It is best to empty the battery in a constant rate. To do […]

How to Install Boosted Beams

The Beams only work if your board has the latest firmware: V2.7.2! Because the Boosted servers are offline, make sure you have this. Difficulty – 1 Tools you will need: Skate Tool How to Install the Headlight 1.  To remove your front truck and riser, use a skate tool to […]

Airline Travel with a Boosted

Guidelines for airline treatment of lithium battery-powered electronic devices in passenger baggage are issued by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). IATA’s current guidelines stipulate the following for portable electronic devices brought aboard a passenger aircraft as either checked or carry-on baggage: The device must have a watt-hour rating of […]